Salient Eye stops support for android versions 3.0 and below

February 17, 2019    admin

We are sorry to announce that we are stopping to support android versions 3.0 and below. Salient eye for android version 2.2 will stop working. Salient eye for android version 2.3 will keep working, but […]

What if we told Black Friday prices are already available on the app?

November 20, 2016    admin

  Why wait for Friday? Our Black Friday spacial sale prices are already available.     Call it Black November if you like. The CRAZY discounts on the Pro version and Remote Control are available […]

Seven Things You Should Know About Your Android

June 19, 2016    admin

There is no such thing as a “battery virus”. It’s an ad that’s trying to convince you to install spy-ware or some junk application on your phone. Just ignore it. If you own a Galaxy […]

Burglary mass

June 8, 2016    admin

A thief at work making some real mass at someone’s house. He is not stealing just stuff from the house , he is stealing the concept of “Home” . It will take some long time […]

Microsoft Mail servers block emails from Salient Eye

February 29, 2016    admin

[Update 3/1 : Amazon reported the problem was fixed ] We have found out today that Microsoft mail services block Salient Eye’s outgoing E-mails since yesterday. If you’re E-mail service is on Microsoft (hotmail / […]

Yey we got some new old smartphones !

February 21, 2016    admin

We know many of you use your old smartphones with Salient Eye . After all that’s the whole point right ? So we wanted to make sure even the really old devices can run Salient […]

Cyber Monday on Salient Eye

November 29, 2015    admin

If you missed the BLACK FRIDAY subscription on Salient Eye Remote Control, Here’s the last chance at getting this amazing price , available only during Cyber Monday. Shocking price on the Salient Eye remote control […]

BLACK FRIDAY on Salient Eye

November 26, 2015    admin

It’s BLACK FRIDAY on Salient Eye. If you haven’t purchesed Salient Eye’s remote control subscription – NOW is the time! Just till saturday , Shocking price on the Salient Eye remote control subscription. We can’t […]

April 1st Competition winner

April 29, 2015    admin

Congrats Beverly Ann O’bannon You won the Salient Eye April 1st pranks competition. Beverly put cream wrap over her husbands shampoo bottle so when he tried to use it nothing came out. She also painted […]