We know many of you use your old smartphones with Salient Eye . After all that’s the whole point right ?

So we wanted to make sure even the really old devices can run Salient Eye, and we decided to add a real device with android 2.2 to our lab.
This turned out to be a real hard task . There’s just no where to find a device that was last sold 5 years ago with android version 2.2 (FROYO). We searched on stores on the streets, on google , ebay, amazon, aliexpress, dealextream . We tried to find a used one… we looked on billboards , facebook groups and what not. When we finally found one on ali express it turned out to be an android 2.3 . But after some more search we finally found and bought this LG device.
As a bonus we also found 2 used iPhone 4 devices so we bought them as well to test our upcoming iOS app and make sure “Salient Eye Home security system” will work on your old iPhone 4 (2011).

iphone 4s android 2.2

iPhone 4S, LG android 2.2



Let the tests begin …

Salient Eye QA

Salient Eye QA


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  • Hey, I happen to have an old HTC desire running 2.2 i was hoping to use with your product. Any idea if and when you will support it?

    Oscar Strelkov
  • Thank you, this app is great and gives me peace of mind. The house next to mine was robbed today, and I leave for a month tomorrow. I had the app working on an old tablet just as I wanted in a few minutes.

  • Huawei X1 Android phones are a dime a dozen here in New Zealand, running 2.2 🙂

    Chris Downs
  • Interesting. I have emailed you at length through the past few years about issues with Salient Eye and my Android 2.2 device. When i first installed SE on it a few years ago it worked perfectly. Then an update came along and it all went bad, mostly with the remote control functioning being uncommunicative. After eventually changing to Android 4 devices I continued to have connectivity working then not working issues with the remote, and finally gave up – cancelled my account for Salient Eye and went to another product which actually worked. And now after all my fruitless communications with you i find you’re testing 2.2 Well i have a bunch of them !

  • Which app does work on an Android 2.2 (I have an HTC Dream with Android 2.2.1). When trying to install Salient-eye I get a “There is a problem parsing the package” error.

  • I have 3 old Huawei phones, Y550, Y530, Y330 but Salient Eye only works on the Y530. On the other two it arms and the application runs. If I check it after it is armed it runs but if I leave it for an hour it doesn’t get triggered by movement on the camera even though the application keeps running. What settings on these Android phones could be causing a problem?

    John Wilbye

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