We know many of you use your old smartphones with Salient Eye . After all that’s the whole point right ?

So we wanted to make sure even the really old devices can run Salient Eye, and we decided to add a real device with android 2.2 to our lab.
This turned out to be a real hard task . There’s just no where to find a device that was last sold 5 years ago with android version 2.2 (FROYO). We searched on stores on the streets, on google , ebay, amazon, aliexpress, dealextream . We tried to find a used one… we looked on billboards , facebook groups and what not. When we finally found one on ali express it turned out to be an android 2.3 . But after some more search we finally found and bought this LG device.
As a bonus we also found 2 used iPhone 4 devices so we bought them as well to test our upcoming iOS app and make sure “Salient Eye Home security system” will work on your old iPhone 4 (2011).

iphone 4s android 2.2

iPhone 4S, LG android 2.2



Let the tests begin …

Salient Eye QA

Salient Eye QA


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  • Hey, I happen to have an old HTC desire running 2.2 i was hoping to use with your product. Any idea if and when you will support it?

    Oscar Strelkov
  • Thank you, this app is great and gives me peace of mind. The house next to mine was robbed today, and I leave for a month tomorrow. I had the app working on an old tablet just as I wanted in a few minutes.

  • Huawei X1 Android phones are a dime a dozen here in New Zealand, running 2.2 🙂

    Chris Downs
  • Interesting. I have emailed you at length through the past few years about issues with Salient Eye and my Android 2.2 device. When i first installed SE on it a few years ago it worked perfectly. Then an update came along and it all went bad, mostly with the remote control functioning being uncommunicative. After eventually changing to Android 4 devices I continued to have connectivity working then not working issues with the remote, and finally gave up – cancelled my account for Salient Eye and went to another product which actually worked. And now after all my fruitless communications with you i find you’re testing 2.2 Well i have a bunch of them !

  • Which app does work on an Android 2.2 (I have an HTC Dream with Android 2.2.1). When trying to install Salient-eye I get a “There is a problem parsing the package” error.

  • I have 3 old Huawei phones, Y550, Y530, Y330 but Salient Eye only works on the Y530. On the other two it arms and the application runs. If I check it after it is armed it runs but if I leave it for an hour it doesn’t get triggered by movement on the camera even though the application keeps running. What settings on these Android phones could be causing a problem?

    John Wilbye
  • We are sorry to announce that we are stopping to support #android versions 3.0 and below.
    Salient eye for android version 2.2 will stop working.
    Salient eye for android version 2.3 will keep working, but it won’t be updated, and won’t have support service.
    App updates will be released on android versions 4 and above.

    On #iOS we support versions 9 and above.

    We will be happy to hear your feedback about our recent updates.

    Salient Eye
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