Miley cirus you are not alone. A recent research in the UK shows that homes are most at risk of burglary in November .

“In light of this research, we urge all home-owners to review their home security measures to ensure they don’t fall victim to this horrible crime. Keeping doors and windows locked and making sure your keys and valuables cannot be seen through the windows can help reduce your risk of being burgled.”

Why November the month for House Burglary?
One reason is that the clocks go back at the end of October and so the nights are longer. Also many houses are vacant during the holidays. Sophisticated thieves are targeting post Black Friday shopping residences for a best loot .

Will you be home on Thanksgiving?
According to Thames Valley Police report, 70% of the burglaries reported to happen whilst the victim is not at home. Work hours and holidays vacation times are the burglars busiest times.

Who’s most likely to be burglarized?
Flats on the ground floor or in the basement of a block are 48% more likely to be burgled. Whilst upper floor flats and semi-detached houses are least likely.
It doesn’t matter much if there is a lot to still at the house or not. Most burglars are looking for the easy loot and they usually don’t know how big it will be. The average cost of repairing damage or replacing stolen goods is £1,730, according to the insurance firm.

What gets stolen?
Electrical items such as laptops and cameras, cash, jewellery, mobile phones and tablets.

Whats the damage?
House break-in damages goes beyond the financial lose. Sometimes the burglars trash the house in their searches. Recovering everything and getting back on track takes valuable time. Finding your house after a break in brings up tons of emotions including fear, anger, lack of privacy, vulnerability, disper and depression. Many break- in victims suffer mental trauma that takes long time to recover.

What should I do?
There are some basic things you can do to improve your home security, reduce the risk of break-in and decrease the damage in case of a break-in.
In the Home Security tips section we have gathered some of the best tips that are simple, effective and not expensive (mostly free).
Mantishrimp believes that personal security should be a basic right that everyone deserves regardless of social or economical state. We developed Salient Eye for anyone to use and protect their homes.

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