By Haim
Salient Eye salutes the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, for his contribution to art and culture, and for his contribution to raise awareness on socio-economic gaps and on environmental issues, recycling, reuse and metamorphism of stuff.
Vik Muniz creates images out of everything, starting from scrap metal and garbage through sugar and chocolate to diamonds. Then he photographs the amazing assembly creation. His artworks now shown in Tel Aviv Museum of Art and we just had to check it out.

Muniz amazes us with his alchemical ability to turn trash into art… lead into gold. When you look closely at the photographs you see the trash and scraps.  At a distance, a well-known classical image is discovered – Marilyn Monroe, Mona Lisa, Sigmund Freud and Che Guevara.

 Muniz’s works illustrate how things look different when you look closely or from a distance. Also amazing is the fact that he chooses materials that associatively connect with the image created. A portrait of Marilyn Monroe’s bleeding appeared to be drawn in blood or lacquer, or a portrait of Sigmund Freud’s made of liquid chocolate and associations with Body secretions that a little child played with.

His portraits of garbage collectors in Rio de Janeiro are made of garbage they collected, and create a link between the creations materials and their profession. This is not only an artistic motif but also a social statement.

Vik Muniz became known worldwide thanks to his movie Waste Land.

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