How it all started…

By Amit, Two years ago Haggai’s house was broken into. A burglar got into the house through a window in the light of day. Haggai was frustrated since not only his computer was missing, but […]


Salient Eye salutes Vik Muniz

By Haim Salient Eye salutes the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, for his contribution to art and culture, and for his contribution to raise awareness on socio-economic gaps and on environmental issues, recycling, reuse and metamorphism […]



The 2014 Brazilian carnival takes off The Carnival in Brazil takes off and we are so excited for all of our friends in Brazil. We have collected some media to get in to the mood. […]

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The most important home security tip beside having a security system

Check out this post by Survivor Mike, outlining some quick tips to consider. The most important tip beside having a security alarm system is to  build a good relationship with your neighbors. Your neighbor is […]


It won’t happen to me

Of course it won’t happen to you ! Optimistic thoughts are great Of course it won’t happen to you. There is nothing interesting in your house. There is nothing to take. Your house is well […]