What if we told Black Friday prices are already available on the app?

  Why wait for Friday? Our Black Friday spacial sale prices are already available.     Call it Black November if you like. The CRAZY discounts on the Pro version and Remote Control are available […]


BLACK FRIDAY on Salient Eye

It’s BLACK FRIDAY on Salient Eye. If you haven’t purchesed Salient Eye’s remote control subscription – NOW is the time! Just till saturday , Shocking price on the Salient Eye remote control subscription. We can’t […]

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CBS Boston: String of burglaries on Mission Hill Boston police are investigating six residential burglaries in the Mission Hill area during the last week.At least six residences were burglarized between Thursday and Monday.Several of the victims told police they were out of […]

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Bought a new smartphone on black Friday? Here’s something to do With your old Android

So… You just got yourself a new smartphone huh? Congratulations!!! And for an amazingly low price too! You must be very proud of yourself and your new gadget aren’t you? Well you should be! And […]


Will My Home be burglarized on thanksgiving?

Miley cirus you are not alone. A recent research in the UK shows that homes are most at risk of burglary in November . “In light of this research, we urge all home-owners to review […]