So… You just got yourself a new smartphone huh? Congratulations!!! And for an amazingly low price too! You must be very proud of yourself and your new gadget aren’t you? Well you should be!

And now the question is what to do with the old (not as awesome) smartphone?
The most obvious options are:
1. Try to sell it
2. Give it to someone
3. Keep it as a spare phone in case the new one breaks or gets lost.
4. Break it down to pieces for fun/out of curiosity
5. Throw it (for recycling! never to the trash , phones has very toxic materials in them and are very polluting if not disposed correctly)

Well, if your android device still has minimal functioning, Salient Eye gives you another option – Build yourself a home security alarm system.
The amazing part is that its easier and faster to do then any of the other options. All you need to do is install the app (available for free) , run it, select the alerts you want, and place the device with the camera facing a strategic area. That’s it! You just got yourself a new motion sensor full blown home security alarm system for an amazing “Black Friday” price of $0. You even don’t need to sign up or register to anything.

Got another idea or use for that phone? Place your comment!

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